A Black Comedy written by Kat Frankie and Aviv Kosloff

Claudia, an ambitious PA to a Minister loves being on top of things, including her boss’s husband, Allan. Allan is a snob and a cheapskate, reciting mantras any time his life gets too stressful. The pair are having a dirty weekend away in Berlin when the owner of their Airbnb rental gets killed by the local mob right in front of them. Claudia is about to call the police but Allan argues this will expose the affair. If she wants to save her career, they must get rid of the body. Something, it turns out, that they’re terrible at. Who knew corpses float?

But when they go back to clean the apartment, the mobsters reappear. They’ve recognized Allan and want to blackmail the lovers. Allan is ready to leave Claudia alone with the thugs as collateral while he goes to get money. Abandoned by her lover and pushed to the limit, Claudia explodes. Realizing she must take matters do with the new corpses? And will she ever call the police? to her own hands, she grabs a sharp pointy model of the Berlin TV Tower. Can Claudia really use it to kill the mobsters? What they will do with the new corpses? And will she ever call the police?


Claudia is a career driven PA to the British Minister of Education. She is devoted to her job, she gets high on her job - her job turns her on. She loves being on top things, including her boss’s husband, Allan. Claudia is already imagining herself as a future minister and indulging in other delusions of grandeur. These delusions prevent her from seeing the realities of her affair and its impact on her actual work.

Allan, the charismatic and charming husband of a politician, looks like the perfect man. But the first scratch to the surface reveals a snob and a cheapskate. He never had to work a day in his life or take responsibility for anything. As self-proclaimed hippie he recites new age mantras any time life gets too stressful. His catchphrases like, “Imagine, believe, achieve” or “Peace begins with me”, help him to justify everything: from his extramarital affair to killing a man. 


Aviv Kosloff - aviv.tv

Director & Cowriter 

Is an Israeli award winning film director of commercials, fashion films, music videos and narrative films. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He directs commercials for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Opel, and fashion films for Vogue. His narrative music video Keoma / BLACK was shortlisted for the Echo Prize ( Germany’s Grammy) and won prizes in the US and Australia. His short films “Feeling Like Erich” and “Finding Sigi” won ‘Best Film’ prizes at the Berlin 48 Hour Film Project in 2014 and 2015 . The short film “Waiting for Daybreak” was selected by 8 International film festivals in- cluding the prestigious Los Angeles Short Film Festival,

and won ‘Best Mini Horror’ prize at the U-Horror Film Festival. 



Kate Frankie


is an Australian musician living in Berlin since 2004. A prominent voice in the indie music scene in Germany, she has released three successful albums as a solo artist, and a fourth album as part of a collaborative pop project called KEØMA. She is also active as a composer of music for German films and TV. 

Ariel Margalith

Executive Producer

is the founder & CEO of ARMA, an award winning Shanghai based production company. Since 2010, ARMA has produced commercials, short films and web series for clients including Volkswagen, Ducati, Diesel, Lavazza and others. Ariel has produced and directed TV shows and documentaries for Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and for Israel’s Channel 10 in China, Israel and the U.K.

Ariel is member of the BMW Responsible Leaders Forum, holds an MSc. in Global Media and Communication from the London School of Economics (LSE) and an M.A in Global Media & Communications from Fudan University. 

Kobi Holly- kobiholly.com 


is an accomplished film producer with over 10 years experience in producing

award-winning narrative television series and music documentaries. Since 2006 Kobi produced 14 critically acclaimed TV series in Israel including the 2015 drama “Mermaids”, one of the most popular and financially successful series in Israeli Television history. Kobi’s music films include 2014 “ Shmulik Kraus: Behind Blue Eyes,” nominated for the filmmaker forum award. Previously, Kobi managed the CoPro foundation events, working with TV-Networks worldwide to facilitate co-

productions for Israeli films with international appeal. 

Florian Mag - florianmag.com


is a German cinematographer working on feature films, documentaries, commercials

and music videos. He grew up in Frankfurt and later studied and worked in Berlin. In 2014 he received an MFA in film from Hamburg Media School. His graduation film “Sadakat” won the Student Academy Award in the Best Foreign Short Film category, the Max Ophüls Prize and the First Steps Award. He shot the feature films “Milenials”, screened at Berlinale 2017 and “Es War Einmal Indianerland”, coming to German cinemas in October 2017. He lives now in Berlin and works as a freelance cameraman. 


Daphna Keenan  

Music Composer  

is an Israeli, Berlin based composer specialising in film scoring. She plays a variety of musical instruments from guitars, through bass, and keyboards to drums. She won the award for Best Original Score in the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2017 for the feature film ‘Family’. She composed the score for the feature film ‘Barash’ that premiered at San Sebastian Film Festival. Keenan is also the lead singer and writer of the Israeli band "Daphna & the Cookies" since 2005. 

For further information, please contact us:

Film release: July 2018

Daniel Ehrenberg

is a Berlin based film producer with over 20 years experience in the industry. After graduating from Hamburg University with an MA in film studies, history and political science, Daniel started his career at Warner Bros. Pictures Germany before joining independent production company Egoli Tossell Film in 2010. His credits include Peter Chelsom’s globe-trotting feel-good-movie „Hector and the Search for Happiness“ starring Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike and Christopher Plummer, German-Turkish culture clash comedy „3 Turks and a Baby“ as well as „Germany in a Day“, Sönke Wortmann’s German installment of Ridley Scott’s much acclaimed „...in a Day“-series. Since 2017 Daniel works freelance, currently developing a variety of projects for film an TV.


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